Monday, May 23, 2016

Highland to Merlo

Just another cold normal week in the service of the Lord! Not much new stuff to say this week. Elder Francisco J. Viñas of the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to the institute students here in Merlo, and because that is our area we were the only missionaries allowed to go! He spoke on the sacrament and keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I already understood that we take the sacrament every Sunday to remember our Savior and His sacrifice and to become clean again of our sins. But one point that Elder Viñas stated was that taking the sacrament does not instantly make us clean and perfect. The cleanliness and purity comes as we begin to obey the commandments. I am trying to apply this principle in my life.

Highland, Utah or the Scottish Highlands?
Last night Elder Dominguez and I were walking home when we passed a bar. A guy walking out shouted to us, in English, "Hey guys how are you!" I am always thrown off when I here someone speak English here! I just never expect it anymore. So we talk for a bit. I asked how he knew that I speak English. He said that because I'm white, have blonde hair, and blue eyes, I stand out as an American! I thought that was pretty funny. It turns out this guy lived in the town of Highland, Utah for 30 years! Crazy how small the world is that we just happened to run into this guy at the right moment. We're going to meet with him this week. It humbles me to know that Heavenly Father's hand is in everything that we do. I know he is aware of each of us and loves us.

Elder Gygi

Buenos Aires West Mission is a mostly walking mission.  Jared primarily rode a bike in his first area. I asked him if he missed his bike. His response :
Yes, I do miss my bike but it was a bad bike. I tried to do the math of how many miles I have walked. The average missionary walks 15 miles a day. I have been here for roughly 275 days, I think. So that is around 4125 miles. At the end of my mission, I will have walked about 10950 miles. On two pairs of shoes! My legs are strong now. 

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