Sunday, September 25, 2016

The New York of South America

Our new area is awesome! It is the New York of South America! San Justo is a very affluent area with tons and tons of people living here. I am basically in downtown Buenos Aires. Just to give you guys an idea of how nice this area is, we have a McDonald's, Burger King, and a Walmart. I have not seen a Walmart in over a year. 

This area will be a bit of a challenge, though. The San Justo ward has not had Elders in 6 years. There have only been 6 baptisms in the past two years. The Bishop had been asking our mission president for missionaries for a while and so that is why Elder Ehlert and I were sent here so suddenly. President Robertson told us that we have a big responsibility here. We are going to set the pace for missionary work in this ward for years to come. The Bishop is 28 years old and got back from his mission 6 years ago. He is very very very excited that we have come and wants to work with us as much as possible. My companion also wants to work hard! Elder Ehlert is from Alberta, Canada and got to Argentina a month after me. Both he and I are young blonde kids, we stand out here. 

We are very excited to get to work. The Lord has given us a big job but he can make us ready to meet the task. We pray every day for people to teach and know that we will be blessed for all the work we put in.

Elder Gygi

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Transfers and a New Companion

Transfers once again! I am leaving the farmland of Marcos Paz and moving to the big city Buenos Aires Capital! My new area is called San Justo, Ramos Mejía. My new companion is Elder Elhert from Canada. He and I are both together in Marcos Paz together right now and we will move to San Justo together to replace the sister missionaries that were there. So in missionary language, we are being white-washed and opening a new area! Elder Elhert is great! He has one month less than me in the mission. We are very excited to work hard.

So this week was exciting. I got bit in the leg by a dog! But I kicked it pretty hard and I got a rabies shot back home in the States so I'm all good! Also some man tried to rob us. He just walked up to us and said, "Do you have 10 pesos?" I said no, because people always ask for money. Then he says, "Give me 10 pesos or I’ll break your head" and he raised a big wooden plank to hit me. I just turned and started walking away while he was shouting for us to come back. Then he throws his weapon at me and hit me in the back! But I caught it and kept walking away hahaha. Crazy guy!

Next week I will update on how our new area is!

Elder Gygi

My favorite scripture I read this week- Alma 38:5 Trust in God = Strength During Trials

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ward Rescue

Traditional Burning of the Hump Day shirt
Hey family and friends! I am doing good here even though the weather went back to cold after a week of sunshine. My waterproof jacket and boots have proved to be money well spent. 

We did a ton of work with the ward members this week. The relief society president had an idea to do a 'Ward Rescue' this week. She divided the ward into 4 areas marked out every less active member on the map. Then everyone who wanted to participate was assigned some families to visit. On Saturday, we all left to visit these members. Elder Cobb and I even split up with 2 other members and visited 6 families each in two hours. We found many inactive members whom we had never met. 

Can you find Elder Gygi?
The other day a random man stopped us in the street and told us we needed to come visit him. We didn’t feel very good about it at first so we set a day to come back later. I thought he was going to try and rob us. When we went back we taught him and 2 other friends the Restoration and committed all 3 of them to baptism on the 1st of October. He is very excited for baptism! He even told us to come over to his house Sunday morning at 8:00 to wake him up for church! It was a great miracle. Just shows how some people are prepared to receive our message.

con amor,

Élder Gygí

A God of Miracles

Hello family!
Elder Dayton and Elder Gygi 

Just heard that my best friend Elder Dayton entered the MTC last week! Almost one exactly after me! So proud of that guy!

We are all doing good here in Loma Grande (or as they say here "lo mas grande"). This work just keeps rolling along. I am so excited to be a part of it. One of the elders in our apartment, Elder Benitez, got sick this week but still managed to baptize someone on Saturday! But unfortunately he was too sick to preform the confirmation on Sunday. So I got to do emergency divisions with his companion and participated in the confirmation. It was a great experience! The new member is a 60 year old lady named P. She is just a nice little grandma! It was very special to be a part of her conversion to the gospel.

One lesson I learned this week is in Mormon chapter 9. Mormon is speaking about miracles:

15 God has not ceased to be a God of miracles.

21 Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.

These verses told me that God can and will work miracles among us. All we have to do is ask and have the faith to follow the inspiration we receive. I know these things are true.

Elder Gygí :D