Saturday, September 17, 2016

Transfers and a New Companion

Transfers once again! I am leaving the farmland of Marcos Paz and moving to the big city Buenos Aires Capital! My new area is called San Justo, Ramos Mejía. My new companion is Elder Elhert from Canada. He and I are both together in Marcos Paz together right now and we will move to San Justo together to replace the sister missionaries that were there. So in missionary language, we are being white-washed and opening a new area! Elder Elhert is great! He has one month less than me in the mission. We are very excited to work hard.

So this week was exciting. I got bit in the leg by a dog! But I kicked it pretty hard and I got a rabies shot back home in the States so I'm all good! Also some man tried to rob us. He just walked up to us and said, "Do you have 10 pesos?" I said no, because people always ask for money. Then he says, "Give me 10 pesos or I’ll break your head" and he raised a big wooden plank to hit me. I just turned and started walking away while he was shouting for us to come back. Then he throws his weapon at me and hit me in the back! But I caught it and kept walking away hahaha. Crazy guy!

Next week I will update on how our new area is!

Elder Gygi

My favorite scripture I read this week- Alma 38:5 Trust in God = Strength During Trials

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