Monday, October 31, 2016

A Missionaries Favorite Question

For the next 6 weeks, Elder Ehlert and I will be staying together in San Justo! We are both very excited to stay and keep working here. 
The work is just increasing and getting better and better. We have found some great new people to teach. Yesterday we were walking along a park/field and a guy saw were a little lost so he asked where we wanted to go. He helped us out so we thanked him, introduced ourselves as missionaries. He then asked what we were doing here in Argentina. (That is a missionaries favorite question!) We shared our purpose and message and he is very interested! His name is J. and he is 50 years old. The best part of missionary work is bringing the message of Jesus Christ to those that don't have it in their lives. I know this church is true. I wouldn't be here if I didn't!

Élder Gygí

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Argentine Mother's Day

Thanks for the delivery
The weather today is perfect! Finally short sleeve weather. This week was productive and great. So the contract of our apartment runs out this November so we had 2 choices: renew it or look for a new one. We decided to look for a new one. And we already found one that is so much nicer! I am so excited to move in to it! I felt like a real adult while negotiating about price and property guarantees and all that. Really strange to think about that.

Also I got my birthday package!! Thank you mom and dad for sending me that! Swedish fish, Sour Patch Watermelon, m&ms, ties, candy corn, and an iPod full of conference talks, MoTab, Piano Guys, EFY and my mom's favorite: Mike Hicks!!! I am so very happy with that! Thank you mom and dad!

Yesterday was actually Mother's Day here in Argentina so mom, ¡¡Feliz Dia De Madre!! 

Not too much to update, we have transfers next week so I will know if I am leaving or staying. 

Elder Ehlert's family just bought a house in Gilbert so he is going to be right by us!

Hasta la proxima!
Elder Gygí

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Americans Anonymous Questival Challenge

This is my brother, Taylor and his Americans Anonymous team during the Cotopaxi Questival Adventure Race

Do you have a Bucket List? This may be the challenge for you!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Humble Prayer Answered

My birthday party was a success! By success I mean that Elder Ehlert and I bought an ice cream cake and pizza and that’s it, hahaha but it was really good! 

We had a great experience with a new person we found to teach. His name is J. and we found his name on a list of people that the other missionaries had left us. He lives really far away, 1 hour walking distance from our apartment, so we never went to go see him. But one day we had time so we walked all the way over there. We got to his house and knocked 3 times. No answer. So I said a prayer something like this, "Heavenly Father we just walked so far to get here, help this guy hear us knocking." Then we knocked one more time, and he answered! He lives in down an alley and his house is pretty far away from his alley door so that’s why he couldn’t hear us knocking. But he told us that for some reason he felt that he should walk towards his front door, that was right when he heard us knock. We had a great lesson and he confessed that he has felt unsatisfied with the church he currently attends and is looking for the truth. We happily shared our message and gave him a Book of Mormon. I know that God prepares people to hear His truth. 

Elder Gygi

PS: If you want to help the missionaries, read "Sharing the Restored Gospel" by Dallin H. Oaks form the last conference and apply it!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Birthday, Elder Gygi

A cat joined him at the Cyber Café
Tomorrow I will turn 20 years old! Kinda strange not being a teenager anymore, ha ha I guess it's time to grow up! Good news is that to celebrate my birthday we went out to eat pizza today! That was very fun!

I hope everyone was able to watch all of conference this past week. I watched it in the mission offices with the 4 other English-speaking missionaries in the city. Everyone else watched it in Spanish. It was a great conference. What I felt and understood was the message of simplicity. Especially President Monson's short address. He told us that God has a perfect plan for each of us, all we need to do is keep his commandments. Great advice for all of us. I really enjoyed when President Eyring expressed his gratitude for all the missionaries serving in the world. It felt very comforting to know that the apostles and prophets personally thanked us. 

Elder Ehlert and I decided that we are going to wake up early to get more study time and I can tell that I have been blessed with more knowledge and an increased amount of the spirit throughout the day. I found one verse that I love. it is found in DyC 88:

73 Behold, I will hasten my work in its time.

What I learned from this short verse is that missionary work is not ours to speed up. Too many missionaries have the mentality, "Oh if we would have worked harder we would have baptisms!" When really if we do all we can, we can know with a surety that the Lord is pleased. He will hasten the work, we just need to be ready to go when He gives the word. I know this is true.
San Justo District

I hope all is well back home! Only 3 months till Christmas and I can Skype!

Elder Gygí

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Purpose and Potential

Definitely a great spiritual week! I am trying to learn Portuguese because we have 3 Brazilian girls who we are teaching! So these 3 girls are all friends who moved here 4 months ago to study at a college in our area. They are all 20 years old. One is an active member of the church and brought her two friends who aren’t members. They don’t speak very much Spanish so we are using as much Portuguese as we know to teach, ha-ha. They have already accepted baptism and will hopefully be baptized this month!

I got to meet some church General Authorities this week. On Tuesday, Elder Salas of the 70 attended our missionary zone conference. He taught us about our purpose and potential. He said that our job here is to exercise faith. That is how miracles happen. He read to us Alma 13:3 and explained how each is preordained to be great and share the gospel.

Then on Sunday, Elder Batalla of the 70 attended our church! He used to be a bishop here over ten years ago and is now a 70! It was great to learn from him because we were the only missionaries there. He taught us about the need to rescue less active members. One quote that really struck me was his teaching about perseverance. He said, "Perseverance, if it is not until the end, is worthless." I thought of my mission and how dumb it would be to make it 23 months and then give up. Make it the whole way!

I hope all is well back home,

Elder Gygí