Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Humble Prayer Answered

My birthday party was a success! By success I mean that Elder Ehlert and I bought an ice cream cake and pizza and that’s it, hahaha but it was really good! 

We had a great experience with a new person we found to teach. His name is J. and we found his name on a list of people that the other missionaries had left us. He lives really far away, 1 hour walking distance from our apartment, so we never went to go see him. But one day we had time so we walked all the way over there. We got to his house and knocked 3 times. No answer. So I said a prayer something like this, "Heavenly Father we just walked so far to get here, help this guy hear us knocking." Then we knocked one more time, and he answered! He lives in down an alley and his house is pretty far away from his alley door so that’s why he couldn’t hear us knocking. But he told us that for some reason he felt that he should walk towards his front door, that was right when he heard us knock. We had a great lesson and he confessed that he has felt unsatisfied with the church he currently attends and is looking for the truth. We happily shared our message and gave him a Book of Mormon. I know that God prepares people to hear His truth. 

Elder Gygi

PS: If you want to help the missionaries, read "Sharing the Restored Gospel" by Dallin H. Oaks form the last conference and apply it!!

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