Sunday, October 23, 2016

Argentine Mother's Day

Thanks for the delivery
The weather today is perfect! Finally short sleeve weather. This week was productive and great. So the contract of our apartment runs out this November so we had 2 choices: renew it or look for a new one. We decided to look for a new one. And we already found one that is so much nicer! I am so excited to move in to it! I felt like a real adult while negotiating about price and property guarantees and all that. Really strange to think about that.

Also I got my birthday package!! Thank you mom and dad for sending me that! Swedish fish, Sour Patch Watermelon, m&ms, ties, candy corn, and an iPod full of conference talks, MoTab, Piano Guys, EFY and my mom's favorite: Mike Hicks!!! I am so very happy with that! Thank you mom and dad!

Yesterday was actually Mother's Day here in Argentina so mom, ¡¡Feliz Dia De Madre!! 

Not too much to update, we have transfers next week so I will know if I am leaving or staying. 

Elder Ehlert's family just bought a house in Gilbert so he is going to be right by us!

Hasta la proxima!
Elder Gygí

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