Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Purpose and Potential

Definitely a great spiritual week! I am trying to learn Portuguese because we have 3 Brazilian girls who we are teaching! So these 3 girls are all friends who moved here 4 months ago to study at a college in our area. They are all 20 years old. One is an active member of the church and brought her two friends who aren’t members. They don’t speak very much Spanish so we are using as much Portuguese as we know to teach, ha-ha. They have already accepted baptism and will hopefully be baptized this month!

I got to meet some church General Authorities this week. On Tuesday, Elder Salas of the 70 attended our missionary zone conference. He taught us about our purpose and potential. He said that our job here is to exercise faith. That is how miracles happen. He read to us Alma 13:3 and explained how each is preordained to be great and share the gospel.

Then on Sunday, Elder Batalla of the 70 attended our church! He used to be a bishop here over ten years ago and is now a 70! It was great to learn from him because we were the only missionaries there. He taught us about the need to rescue less active members. One quote that really struck me was his teaching about perseverance. He said, "Perseverance, if it is not until the end, is worthless." I thought of my mission and how dumb it would be to make it 23 months and then give up. Make it the whole way!

I hope all is well back home,

Elder Gygí

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