Monday, April 4, 2016

My Hijo, Elder Dominguez

 So I am in a new area with a brand new missionary. My hijo, Elder Dominguez, is from San Juan, Argentina! He’s a great guy! The fun thing about having Latino companions is that I will suddenly realize that I haven’t spoken English in like a month. I am very excited to train him. We are in a new area, Merlo 1. It’s a bigger city area. 

Conference was great! Anyone that didn’t watch I encourage to go watch it online! Especially the final talk given by Elder Holland. This conference was a unique experience. I watched the first session in Spanish. Then we figured out how to get the TV working and found it in English. So 8 American missionaries were crammed in a small side room in the church listening to words spoken by God’s prophet. Definitely a spiritual experience to remember. I know that God has a chosen prophet here to guide us. I know because I have heard him, and I am following his counsel.

Elder Gygi
A sole of 1,000 miles!!

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