Friday, April 22, 2016

It's Getting Cold :/

Not much to report this week. Also the keyboard on this computer is terrible. We had a good week with a lot of rain and cold weather. I am not prepared for the cold

We found a new person to teach this week. Her name is M. Someone told us to go visit her brother because he is interested in the church. We went but he was not there. We started talking to M, his sister and she had a lot of questions. We asked to come in and help explain our religion to her. She let us and we taught her the story of Joesph Smith and gave her a Book of Mormon. Elder Dominguez is very exited. He just loves to teach people! 

All is well here, I continue to gain weight eating pasta, barbecue, and pasta every day! 

Elder Gygi

Jared thinks Otto will listen better if he teaches him the following spanish words:
sentate - sit
piso- floor (lay down)
fuera - go outside
cucha - doghouse

Sister Sarah Stratton, thanks for teaching Jared to love playing the piano!

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