Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This week is transfers and I received some news. I am being transferred, opening up a new area, and training a new missionary! I am very excited! I will go pick my new hijo tomorrow. Luckily I am only being transferred over to the next ward of Merlo. It's basically like moving from the Las Sendas to Thunder Mountain. It will be a fun challenge because I am new to the area and my new comp probably doesn't speak Spanish at all (if he is from the states, which I assume he is). 

Also we had a great baptism last Saturday! Her name is D. (which translates to 'sweet light holy cross' ha ha). She is only 11 years old. He father is a returned missionary who stopped attending church and her mother is not a member. Her mom always wanted to go to church but never went because no one ever invited her. As soon as they listened to our lessons, D. wanted to be baptized. D. is by far the funniest person I have met in Argentina. She has a pet puppy that she talks to. (What? Jared, you never talked to your Otto pups?) One time she told us that her dog wants to go to church and that it wants to be baptized as well. We explained that it's not a person and doesn't need to be baptized because it can't sin. She then replied that the dog broke a bunch of her toys and that's a sin! She is like a little sister to me!

I am very excited for this new chapter in my mission. I know that it will be tough but the Lord is always on our side if we just let him help.

Elder Gygi

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