Friday, March 18, 2016

The Right Thing To Do

Another week in paradise (or San Antonio de Padua, Merlo, Buenos Aires)!

It is finally starting to cool down a bit. I actually used a blanket to sleep the other night! 

I want to share a small miracle that I witnessed this past week. We found a family whose children are all members of the church but the mom and dad are not. None of the kids attend church anymore. Their name is familia S. They live in a humble home that is very unorganized. M, the dad, had a long beard and pretty rough and worn out clothes. He didn't look as if he would want to listen to the message we have. But they let us in and we were happy to teach them the some principles of the gospel. They listened intently to the story of Joseph Smith. We left them a Book of Mormon to read. The next day we went back and the dad had trimmed his beard. He was also wearing nicer clothes. He told us that it just seemed like the right thing to do. We went back the day after that. The mother had just about cleaned the whole house. Again they said that it just felt right to clean up. They now have been to church and have plans to get married and then baptized. What I learned from this experience is that the influence of the spirit helps us want to make correct changes in our lives. As soon as familia S. felt that our message was true, they also recognized what they needed to change. I testify that as we listen to the spirit, it will tell us what we need to change.

Stay safe back home!

Elder Gygi

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