Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Skyping

It was a great week, especially because I was able to Skype with my whole family! Crazy how awesome technology is. Mom and Taylor (and Brigham, who I count as my family) in Arizona, Sean in Utah, Dad in Washington DC, and Me in Buenos Aires. I was so happy that I forgot to say Happy Mother’s Day!! Sorry mom... Feliz Dia de Madre!

We received the news on transfers. Both Elder Dominguez and I will stay here in Merlo 1 for 6 more weeks! I am very happy that I get to finish his training. 

We had a great miracle on Sunday. We invited our investigators to church but they never showed up. We were disappointed that they didn’t come. Just before sacrament meeting started, however, a man named E. walked in the building from off the streets. We had never seen him so we introduced ourselves. He just moved here from Brasil where he attended church twice with the Elders there and was surprised to see the same church here in Merlo. He stayed for the meeting and really enjoyed it. We were extremely happy for that!

Something funny happened this week also. We had just picked up lunch from a member (milanesa sandwiches!! Yessss!!!) and were walking back to the apartment to eat. A guy on a street corner stopped us and says "You guys are Jehovah's witnesses right?" We said no we're Mormons! He the asked us what Bible we use. I told him we use the Reina Valera (standard version of the Spanish bible). He happily said "Great that's what I read everyday!" He was very interested and we talked for a while and gave him a pamphlet about Joseph Smith. He then asked if he could take a picture with me. "What why?" I asked him. "Because I’ve always wanted to a picture with an American!" he replied. Haahaha so I took a picture with him and he gave us his address to visit him later! 

2 months ago, Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve visited our mission. I have been thinking recently about something I leaned. A missionary asked what we could do to be more effective. He said to us that we need to get out of the way and let the Lord work. Stop fighting against what He wants us to do. He then quoted a scripture that says, "Lose your life in the service of others." I have been pondering that scripture. It does not say, "lose 1 day, lose 6 weeks, lose 2 years in the service of others." The Savior taught us that he shall lose life for the Gospel’s sake shall find it again. I have learned that I am not serving a 2-year mission. I still have a life full of devoted discipleship to give as an offer the Savior for his for me. And that still is not enough to repay him. I know, however, that it is better than giving nothing.

I love this Church and the opportunity I have been given to serve.

Elder Gygi

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