Thursday, May 19, 2016

Doing A Good Turn Daily

This is the house of familia Priess. Br. Priess (in front taking the picture) is the 1st counselor in the bishopric and his wife (far left) is he relief society president. She washes our clothes! We went to go pick up our laundry and they were having a party! Behind me is Bishop Vera. They invited us in and gave us pizza.

It's always a fun week with Elder Dominguez! It is getting freezing here. I walked to church yesterday with 6 layers of clothes on.

I had the opportunity to do some this week that I never thought I would do. I helped an old lady cross the street. I thought that situation only happened in movies or in books! We were waiting to cross this really busy street when I saw a lady with a cane next to us. I asked if she needed to cross and if I could help her. She said "Si por favor mi querido!"  (yes please my dear!) She took my arm and we accompanied her across through the traffic. It was something so small but made me feel so good doing it. It reminded me of a poem quoted by the Prophet Thomas Monson. "I have never felt regret for preforming an act of service, but I have for not doing so." I cannot imagine how I would have felt if I had walked away instead of offering my help.

E. came to church yesterday! For 2 weeks in a row he has come. He asked how soon he could get baptized! We were so surprised to hear that. He will be baptized on the 4th of June if all goes well!

We are working hard not hardly working here in Merlo!

Elder Gygi

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