Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sunshine In My Soul

Missionary Trasportation
It rained like crazy this week, our bikes are so muddy. The other day, our bikes were broken (a weekly occurrence), and it was raining super hard, lightning and everything. We were pushing our bikes through mud and water. This whole time I was singing, "There is Sunshine In My Soul Today." The mission has really taught me to be positive and look at the bright side of things. Every time a challenge arises, or something seems hard, I remember the story of Nephi, Laman and Lemuel. The Lord had commanded them to retrieve the brass plates from the wicked King Laban. Laman and Lemuel said, in effect, "No we don't wanna do that, it's too hard." But Nephi stood tall and replied, "I will go and do the things which the Lord has commanded." When I first arrived in Argentina, I thought to myself that I had the attitude of Laman and Lemuel. "This language is too hard, I'm too tired to study, I don't want to exercise at 6:30 in the morning." But as I've tried to adapt and learn, I've felt more like Nephi. Now when a challenge arises, I think to myself "This will make a sweet story."

Venezia's Pizza?
Remember how we didn't end up giving talks in sacrament meeting last week? Well we gave them in yesterday's meeting. It actually went really well. At the start of my talk I said that I was still learning Spanish and I'm sorry if it's hard to understand me. After I finished, I sat down and a man came up to who I hadn't met before. He says, in English, "Elder Gygi, don't be so hard on yourself, your Spanish is great. I understood everything and it was a fantastic talk." After talking with him, I found out that he went to BYU and learned English there. He has even visited Mesa Arizona before.
Mary, Our Lady of Luján Basilica

Luján is famous for this Basilica and its shrine of Mary

I know this is the Lord's work.
Elder Gygi

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