Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Handlebar Miracle

The electrician
I want to share a miracle that happened this week! This week started out not too good. My bike handle bars broke, but only on one side. So I had been riding with one handlebar for like 2 days. Then our electricity went out. I was confused as to why we were having these trials when we were working so hard. Some men came to fix our electricity and found that they didn't have a part that they needed. We searched our apartment for something that would work. The guy saw my broken handlebar and said that he could cut it and use the pipe to fix the electricity. My broken bike became useful later. I know that I went through a challenge in order to strengthen my testimony. I know that Heavenly Father loves and looks out for his children.
Jared's twin Elder Millet 
A sister in our branch had a dream the other night that she told us about. In this dream, she saw a friend of hers. She felt that he needed to hear our message. She asked us to visit him. So we did. He and his family are from Paraguay. He is 28 years old. We taught him the story of Joseph Smith and the Restoration. This man and his family, who had no knowledge of our church, said that our message was very clear and even sounded familiar. We have an appointment to return and teach them more. It was cool to be used by the Lord to bring this message to them.
December is Elder Huefner´s last month in the mission. He wanted to set a high goal that would make us work hard. We prayed and decided on the goal of 20 baptisms for that month. It will be tough. But I have faith that if we are obedient, repentant, and work our best that the Lord will respect and help us with our goal.
I love the work here. I love the people. There is no joy equal to that of sharing the message of the Atonement of Jesus Christ with God´s children. 
Elder Gygi

Why do boys send their moms these types of apartment photos?

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