Monday, November 16, 2015

A Little Jaunt to Capitál

I finished my first 6 weeks! Transfer are this week, Elder Huefner and I are both staying here in Francisco Alvarez. Which I kind of expected, it doesn't make sense to move when he only has a month left in the mission. 
Also called the Cowboy Roll
I had to go to Capitál (downtown Buenos Aires) this week for tramités (not sure what that is in English but it's basically my government paperwork to stay in Argentina). [It translates to formalities, procedure or as we know it "red tape."] It was fun to be in a big city. Picture Paris mixed with New York but everyone speaks Spanish. I had to travel around to all the government buildings to do paperwork. I also had to bring a bedroll to sleep on. I felt homeless haha just walking around a huge city with another guy my age with a blanket and pillow! I was with a different Elder this whole time. I was with Elder Enriquez from Mexico. He doesn't speak English. While we were there, we got to eat at McDonald's!! It was the best thing ever! It's exactly like home. [FYI, Jared had 2 Quarter Pounder's and a Big Mac!! What?!!! Where'd he put all that food?!!]

The family we have been teaching, familia R., is going to get married so they can be baptized! We're super excited for that. 
Yesterday in church, Elder Huefner and I were asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting. We were asked 1 hour before the meeting started if we would talk about missionary work. I thought OK maybe I can do that."How long do we need to talk for?" "30 or 40 minutes" Seriously???  I was very nervous. I did not even have a notebook with me to write down some thoughts. All I had was a pen and my Spanish Book of Mormon. I opened up to the last blank age in the book and wrote some notes of what I wanted to talk about. During the sacrament, I was still very nervous. I said a prayer asking God to help me because I still do not speak the language fluent enough give a long talk. I felt the spirit and was very comforted. The words of a scripture came very clearly to my mind. It was "I will be on your right side and on your left, I will lift you up." [D&C84:88] I'm not even sure where that scripture is, but that is what I felt. I knew I would be able to give this talk. I was all prepared to get up to the stand and talk, but others were already on the stand. I was a little confused. 4 other members ended up giving talks and I didn't have to. Even when the Lord knew that I would not have to give a talk, He still comforted me. I know that He will always help us when we need it.

Elder Gygi
Elder Gygi and Luján Zoneleaders

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