Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 5

I should stop putting week numbers on these emails because it feels like I've been out way longer than 5 weeks. I'm doing a lot better from my concussion. I've been cleared by the doctor so I should be all good now. I realized this week that singing in Spanish is way more fun than English. The words just sound so cool. Elder Brockbank's ankle is much better. He is emailing his right next to me and he just turns to me and goes "What, my sister is getting married. She makes me sick to my stomach." Hahaha it was really funny. You'd think that by 5 weeks I'd be sick of the food here, but I'm not. It's still super good. (He said he's gained 5 pounds!!)

Nothing crazy exciting happened this week. We've still been teaching people. A few new people. They want us to talk to people from outside the United States so we taught this one sister from Mexico City over Skype. It was way cool. She was also an English professor at the college there so she understood us pretty well. We also taught a girl from El Salvador. She is here at BYU learning English. It was a very good lesson.

I've been watching lots of old conference talks in preparation for General Conference next week. I'm very excited for that! Plus my birthday is next Sunday! (In Argentina, the birthday child receives a pull on the earlobe for each year they have been alive.) And then we leave for Argentina the next day. I only have one full week left here. Our flight is so long. It's 3.5 hours from Salt Lake to Atlanta and then 10 hours from Atlanta to Buenos Aires. I'm not looking forward to that. I guess I'll have a lot of time to study Spanish before I'm thrown into it. I'm not prepared to go to a place where there is no English. Oh well though, I just have to keep studying.

I'm glad to hear that some of you took my challenge to read Ether 12! That is one of my favorite chapters and it has definitely helped me here.
I'm looking forward to finally leaving Utah. I've had a ton of fun here. I saw one my good friends from school here! Elder Skabeland aka Gibby! It was great to see him! Love and miss everyone!

Yo soy el Elder Gygi
Elders Gygi and Gibby

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