Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Problems with PE at the MTC

Buenos Días! I had a good week this week, aside from a bunch of doctor’s appointments. Last Saturday I was playing soccer in our zone tournament and I had the ball on a fast break but someone stole it and I tried to get it back but he kicked it away. As he kicked it, I jumped to block it and took the ball straight to my face haha. I had a pretty bad headache after that. But at least I blocked his kick. On Monday I was still having headaches so we went to doctor and he told me that I definitely have a concussion. He gave me some medicine for the headaches and a muscle relaxant to help with some neck and jaw pain. It's been hard because with a concussion I'm not allowed to study Spanish, read scriptures, or participate in gym time. On the bright side, I have a lot of time to watch talks on so that's good. My short-term memory is so bad right now. Everyone in the district keeps joking with me saying stuff like "What? You don't remember that?"  I'm slowly recovering and doing much better.
This is Elder Morgan. His mom's side of the family are all Gygi's. We found out that we have the same great-great-great grandpa, Rudolf Gygi. So we are 4th cousins or something.
 Elder Brockbank was playing basketball on Monday in another zone tournament and he fell and rolled his ankle. We went to the doctor and got it x rayed and he tore a ligament. So Elder Wilson is the only healthy one in our companionship haha.

Our Tuesday night devotional was given by Sister Rosemary Wixom, the general primary president. She gave a good talk about missionary work and listening to spirit, which I had an experience with the other day. We were teaching a new investigator, J. We had a whole lesson prepared but Elder Brockbank felt prompted to ask her the question,” Have you experienced any difficult trials?" J. then told us about a time in her life when she was very depressed and on medication. She took too much and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. She asked us why God would allow this to happen to her. I then felt an impression to open my Book of Mormon to Ether chapter 12. I did and I was looking for what I was supposed to say. Verse 6 caught my eye, it's all about faith and trials. I asked her to read it for me. She did and just started crying. I bore my testimony to her that we need to have faith in order to endure our trials and we will receive blessings. I want to challenge you all to read Ether 12, and keep in mind while reading it, a trial that you are going through. I know that if you do, you will receive an answer to what you are supposed to do. I know that God is real and loves us because there is no way that I would have been able to give that entire lesson in fluent Spanish without His help.
Sister Ellis and my mom are on Argentina Missionary Moms Facebook page. She noticed my name tag and introduced herself. She returned from Argentina BAW mission 2 months ago. 
I just got back from the Provo temple this morning. We were eating breakfast in the cafeteria and I saw a few elders sitting at another table. One of them looked to have some sort of medical condition that gave him a pretty bad limp and his hands were constantly shaking. I've seen him here on campus before. He and his companion were just eating. A few minutes later, an older man walks in on crutches and he was struggling to hold his tray of food. He set his tray down and started eating by himself. The younger elder with the limp stood up, walked over to this man, and asked if he would like to join him and his companion at their table. The older man said yes and went to pick up his tray of food to move it. Before he could pick it up, the young elder grabbed it and took it his table, very slowly, so his hands would not shake, and the older man could use his crutches. For some reason I was just amazed at this tiny act of service. This elder didn't let his condition stop him from serving a mission and helping people. That, to me, is the exact definition of charity. Just pure Christlike, selfless service.

Thank you mom and dad for the packages! IBC Root Beer is my favorite (way to call that one, Dad!!). I love all the letters you have sent me!

Yo soy el Elder Gygi
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