Sunday, April 2, 2017

Travels & Miracles

This week was full of travel and miracles! On Tuesday, the whole zone of missionaries in Marcos Paz got to go to the temple in Buenos Aires. But the temple is about 4 hours from where we are. So we had to wake up at 4:15 am to take a train at 5 am to get to a bus by 6:15 am to take us to Buenos Aires by 9am. We then spent the day in a training meeting with President and then we were able to attend the temple. It was a fantastic day. I saw Brother Riccart, the temple president, who is a good friend of mine from the San Justo area. 
During one of the meetings, President Robertson asked us this question, "If the Savior was here next to you, how would he describe your faith?" Jesus Christ, in respect to people's faith, has said the following "Never have I seen so great faith," "Thy faith is sufficient," and, "Oh ye of little faith." What would he say about our faith? Is it great or only just sufficient? I have learned that it is through faith that miracles are wrought. It is only through faith and accordance to God's will that we can accomplish what he asks of us.
On Thursday we went go eat lunch at a member's house. When Elder Ramirez and I showed up, their 9-year-old son B. said, "Elders, can you go visit my friend? His mom is sick and I told them you would go over to help and share a message!" When a 9-year-old gives us a reference, we have to go! So we went and met the R. family. The mom was waiting in the door to receive us! They are a young married couple named S. and H. with one son, J, who is also 9. They have a strong belief in God but do not currently attend a church. S. had an operation for throat cancer and cannot speak above a whisper. Luckily Elder Ramirez knows how to read lips! We shared a message about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. They accepted a copy and the invitation to read and pray about it. Look, even little kids in the primary can share their testimony!

Hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Gygi

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