Sunday, April 16, 2017

It's the Rainy Season

Dear family and friends, 
It was a good week with bad weather. It rained all yesterday and today but harder than I have ever seen! All of Las Heras is flooded (see pictures of me in the water). We woke up this morning and the water was still rising, luckily we live in a second floor apartment. The wind almost broke our windows. Seeing cars get stuck in the water made me (jokingly) think of the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 88:90 where "the waves of the sea shall heave themselves beyond their bounds." The waves have already arrived in Las Heras! 
Tomorrow we have transfers. I will be staying here in Las Heras and Elder Ramirez will be leaving to go to Moreno, where I just was! I can't remember my new companions name but I have never met him. I'll meet him tomorrow. 
I am happy to stay here in the area, I feel that there is still much work to be done. On Saturday we had the baptism of R, a ten-year-old investigator. His mom is a less active member but his dad is not a member. R. is great. He attended 3 sessions of General Conference. Elder Ramirez did the baptism and I did the confirmation. We had to travel to the next town over for the baptism because in Las Heras there is no baptismal font. We literally had to run to catch the train. 
Hope everything is great back home, I got my flight plans today so it is starting to feel very close. Have to make the most of my time here!

Elder Gygi

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