Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Fregenal

The weather has been a lot better this week. No rain and cool sunny days. But the sky changes so fast in Argentina that at 9am it might be sunny and then at 4pm it's freezing and I didn't bring a sweater because it was sunny when I left the house. But the important thing is that Elder Fregenal and I are doing great! He is super funny and great to work with.

We gave talks yesterday at church. In Elder Fregenal's talk, he spoke about his conversion. A friend of his came to his house 3 years ago with the missionaries and asked if he wanted to hear a message. He told them no and said he didn't believe in God. They then spent the next 30 minutes asking why and finally got into his house. They invited Elder Fregenal to read the book of Mormon, pray, and to come to church. He said he wasn't going to read it, he didn't believe in prayer, and he wouldn't come to church. Then on Sunday morning the missionaries knocked at his door with his friend and said they were going to take him to church. He finally accepted and went with them. After the first class of priesthood quorum (we have sacrament meeting last) he went to leave. One of the missionaries said that the meeting wasn't over and took him to the next class. After Gospel Principles ended, Elder Fregenal again went to leave the chapel, but again was told that it wasnt over yet. So he tried to escape the church and walked through the next door he saw, into the sacrament room where the bishop took him and sat him with his family. "After that meeting," he said, "I knew there was something here that I liked. So I took their challenge to read the Book of Mormon." One of the Elders said someone once read it in 1 day so Elder Fregenal tried to do it too. It took him 6 days. After that experience he decided to be baptized. And now he is here on the mission. I am very grateful to be with him and to learn together. 

I hope everyone is doing well back home. Everyone keeps telling me that I am almost done with my mission. That is why I have to make the most of it!

Elder Gygi

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