Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Choose Happy

Tracking or tracting?
This was conference weekend! It was full of inspired messages and the spirit. I was prepared to watch the entire conference in Spanish, which is alright, but I knew I wouldn't get 100%of the messages. But when we got to the chapel the bishop came up to me and said "Elder Gygi do you want use my computer in the office to watch in English?" I excitedly accepted his offer and watched 8 hours of talks by myself (of course not far from my companion). This was the first time that have attended conference alone, but it was great because there were absolutely no distractions. I was able to focus completely on what was being said and the impressions I felt.

I particularly liked the message of Elder Yoon Hwon Choi . He spoke of how when he was a mission president in Seattle Washington. The missionaries had to go out and work even in the hard rain. But when it would rain, he advised the missionaries to enjoy it, to look at it as a storm of blessings. He said that when it rains "Look up, drink in the blessings!" When he finished his talk, we had 2 hours until the next session of conference started. So Elder Ramirez and I decided to go out to knock on doors and invite people to come to church. When we walked outside, of course it was raining. I don't believe that was a coincidence! So I thought it was a perfect time to apply what I had just learned. With a smile and a good attitude we went out to work. We found one of our investigators and invited her to come watch the last session with us. She accepted and we walked with her to the chapel (I held the umbrella for her haha)! 

One of the lessons I have seen over and over and over in my mission is that we can choose to be happy. No one has the power to make us feel an emotion but us. If we want to be happy, we can be! If we want to be sad, we can choose that too. But never can we blame external circumstances for our attitude. I know that the easiest choice is to be happy. The Holy Ghost is one of the ways we can choose to be happy (did anyone else notice that 3 of the apostles chose to speak on the power of the Holy ghost?). 
Elder Gygi and Elder Gutierrez training. 

Hope everyone CHOOSES to have a happy week!

Elder Gygi

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