Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Transfer!

Traditional Pants Burning at 18 months
So transfers have come again and my short time in Paso Del Rey is up. Tomorrow I will be moving to Las Heras, a small kind of country town in the area of Marcos Paz (where I was before in Loma Grande like 8 months ago!) And my new companion is Elder Ramirez, who is a native from Argentina! I don't know very much about him but it's going to be great! 
We had a very hot week, I hope that summer is coming to an end soon. We did some service on Saturday and helped to paint a school. That was fun and I got very sunburned! (yes mom I did put on sunscreen, I got burnt anyway). 
The other day Elder McDonald and I sat down on a tree in front of a house in the shade to look at our agendas and confirm some plans for the day. While we were looking at our plans, the owner of the house came out and said "Hey you guys are Mormon missionaries right? Why don't you come in and we can talk, it's been a long time since the missionaries came by my house!" So we went and taught a lesson. Her name is E. and she is actually from Ukraine. She is probably 70 years old. Her family moved to Argentina when she was a baby. She tried to teach us some Russian! Heavenly Father always puts us in the place where He needs us. 
I am so grateful that I have made the choice to serve a mission. I love being a missionary because I have daily opportunities to testify of Jesus Christ. I would not change my decision to come here.

Elder Gygí

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