Monday, March 20, 2017

A Game of Habla Gatito

Hey Family!
We have now moved into fall so the weather is cooling down a lot. All the rain the past few weeks just killed the heat which is nice.
We did a TON of biking this past week. We had some people to visit in the little towns that border us and it's a pretty far ride on for the little beach cruisers we have. 
On Friday we were in charge of a ward Family Night activity. We had a lot of people come out, including some investigators. We played a fun game called ´Habla Gatito´ (talk like a cat) that was really funny and then we shared a short message about the voice of the Spirit and how we need to be quiet and attentive to hear it. It was great to get the whole ward involved in our activity.
Not too much has gone on since last week. The work is coming slowly here. In a worldwide missionary training a few months ago, Elder Bednar taught us that the real key to know if we are consecrated and giving our all is when we keep working even when the Lord sees fit not to bless us. Obviously our Savior always wants us to be happy and receive blessings but we also have to show our dilligence and be worthy to recieve those blessings. You can never recieve something for nothing, even in the economy of heaven (it looks like some of those `laws of economics` I learned senior year are applicable after all!). 

Elder Gygi

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