Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Broadcasts and Conferences

Hola familia y amigos!

We had a very busy week! There was a worldwide broadcast to all the missions. Some apostles spoke to us about a change in our purpose. Our new focus is 'Teach Repentance, and Baptize Converts.' We are now not working as much teaching less active members. I am excited with the direction missionary work is heading. Because that is the reality of our message and the gospel, through repentance we can become clean.
Elder Udall and Jared have a mutual friend: Elder Jack Knight!!

We also had a mission conference in which an area seventy came to speak to us. Elder Svec is in charge of the Brasil and Argentina areas. He and his wife gave great talks about being positive. They asked some missionaries to come up and share a fun experience from our missions. Elder Jamison and I were called on. I shared a funny story of a day we were out knocking on doors. Every single person rejected us. We were frustrated and hot and tired. But I remembered that President Robertson had told the missionaries to take a 15 minute break and eat something. So we found a little café. It turns out this café sells waffles with ice cream and dulce de leche!! I have not seen waffles in 5 months. It was the best thing ever. After eating those, we had much more motivation to work. This story made Elder Svec laugh, a lot hahaha. 

I am happy to be serving the Lord for this time in my life. I know many lives will be blessed.

Elder Gygi

Pizza buffet place called Pizza Libre. I had so many types of pizza I've never heard of. Pizza with eggs, ham, french fries, spinach, hot dogs, salami, even one with fettuccine pasta on top.

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