Monday, January 11, 2016

A Real Turkey

What a great week! 
Our investigator J is progressing and really trying to quit smoking. We also found a new investigator. Her name is L. It is interesting how we found her. Elder Jamison and I were looking for someone we were told to go visit. We could not found the house number and were walking down the street when I felt an impression to clap on this door. We did and L answered. She is about 25 years old and she is blind. She said the she could tell from our accents we are from the US. She asked if we could teach her English. We came back and taught her English and then shared the message of the restoration. Our second lesson we had with her, she wanted to learn more English, so we shared the story of Nephi getting the brass plates. We said each sentence in English and then Spanish to help her learn. She loved it. We ordered the Book of Mormon on CD's for her to listen to. We invited her to be baptized and she answered that when she receives an answer to her prayer that she will be baptized. We are so happy with her faith.

I heard an analogy from a less active member we were teaching yesterday. It is about a pavo real (that means peacock in English). I laughed when I heard that name because that translates directly to mean 'real turkey.' The story goes, this peacock needed to enter a room that had food in it. His body could fit through the door, but all of his beautiful feathers denied him entrance. Other peacocks figured out to put their feathers down to pass through the door. This Peacock did not want to hide his feathers that he kept so nice a clean, he wanted everyone to see them. This kept him from his ultimate goal of food. This story can have many applications. We need to put our pride away to obtain our goal of eternal life and happiness. 

Elder Gygi

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