Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I had a great Christmas! I got to go to the Buenos Aires Temple, meet with the whole mission, see all of my friends there, and Skype my family! (The name for the software is derived from "Sky peer-to-peer", which was then abbreviated to "Skyper". However, some of the domain names associated with "Skyper" were already taken. Dropping the final "r" left the current title "Skype", for which domain names were available. Who knew?) 

It was a great week, and the Christmas asado was very good. Also surprise, I'm getting transferred! I have been here in Francisco Alvarez for 3 months and tomorrow I will be going to a new zone called Merlo. I will be more in the city. I have not met my new companion yet but his name is Elder Jameson and I think he is from Utah. 

I do not have much time to email today because we need to go have lunch (Argentine fast food aka empañadas) and pack really fast because I leave tomorrow. I am very excited to go to a new area and meet new people!

Feliz Año Nuevo!! 
Elder Gygi

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