Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Surprise! New Companion!

Adiós Elder Huefner
It was a crazy week! I randomly received a new companion this week because Elder Huefner went home early! (He was due to be released on December 30) He and I were doing weekly planning and we got a call from President Robertson saying he was in front of our apartment and wanted to come talk to us. He came in and said that Elder Huefner was going to go home 3 weeks early so that he could be with his family for Christmas! He had about an hour to pack and we left for the mission offices. There I received my new comp and said goodbye to Elder Huefner. I'm grateful that he was my trainer. Everyone says he was one of the best in the mission!

Nuevo compañero Elder Vance
My new companion is Elder Vance, from Gilbert, Arizona! He lives like 25 minutes from me! He is way cool. He has about 9 months in the mission. He got flashed to my area. It all happened crazy fast! He was going to have a baptism last Saturday in his last area, so we got special permission from President to go to it! It was about 3 hours away. The man being baptized, J. is from Nigeria. He doesn't speak any Spanish. He came to Argentina looking for work. He got here and found one of the missionaries, Elder Peterson (a buddy of mine from the MTC), and asked if he knew of a church around here. He wanted to find the true church. This Elder took him to the church building and showed him around. Six weeks later he was baptized. The whole baptismal service was done in Spanish and then translated to English for him. I got to sit next to him and translate what was going on. It was an awesome experience. At the end, he bore his testimony. He said "I am new in this country and I have no friends or family here. I do not even speak the language. I have nothing here. But I know that this church is true. You all are my new family." The spirit was so strong. I have a testimony of sacrifice. If we sacrifice, and endure our trials with faith, I know that the Lord will bless us.

Sincerely, Elder Gygi

A note from Elder Gygi to a very dear friend of his that loves him and supports him ;) 
You wanna know what I’m getting for Christmas this year? 45 minutes to Skype with my family. And that is probably the best present I could ever get. A lot people think it is really hard to leave everything for 2 years and come to a different country. But I see it differently. I have had a very blessed life up until this point. And when I get home, I will continue to live a very blessed life. But for 2 years, I get the opportunity to share a message with people, I have personally seen how happy these people are when I teach them about God and Jesus Christ. And that is what will make this my favorite Christmas ever.

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