Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm Finally Here

I´m finally here! Argentina is great! It´s a huge culture shock for me. It´s so different from home. Stray dogs are literally everywhere. Cactus are to Arizona as dogs are to Argentina. They're usually not mean though so that´s good. But I've seen some huge Rottweiler's. 
We have had lunch a few times at member's homes. They always feed us great pasta, I love it. My first meal was some noodles with some kind of meat in it. I asked the Dad what it was and he said that a cat killed some chicken and dragged it into the backyard so they cut off the bad parts and cooked it up. Hahaha! luckily I had already finished my plate. 
My companion/trainer is Elder Huefner. He´s from Utah but he´s half Argentine. He´s been on his mission for 22 months. I´m learning a ton from him. 
Basilica of Our Lady of Luján
We are out in what´s called El Campo, which means the field. It´s not the city like other parts of the mission. We're in a town called Luján in an area called Francisco Alvarez. We have bikes too! I was very happy to find that out. But then I saw them. Haha! They are so rusty and dirty but it´s OK because no one will be likely to steal them. This is a relatively safe, but poor area. The people here are very humble. 
We currently have 7 investigators with a baptismal date. We taught the L. family last week. They live in a house that they pretty much built themselves from mud and bricks. They are from Paraguay so they only speak Spanish at about my level, haha! Which is good for me but frustrating for my companion. The Dad can´t read so we taught them the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation with pictures I drew! It was way cool.
I´ve already seen tons of miracles. I may be a bit homesick but I know this is where the Lord wants me to be.

Yo soy Elder Gygi

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