Sunday, December 11, 2016

EFY Santa Barbara

Dear Gygi Family,

I had the opportunity to meet your wonderful son while attending the San Justo Ward in Buenos Aires.  He is a tremendous missionary.  He actually spoke in the Sacrament Service so I was able to see him in action.  My wife snapped a probably "inappropriate" foto of him at the pulpit but we will repent.

He is happy, healthy and working very hard.  He is a blessing to President Robertson.  We actually went there this Sunday expressly to meet your son.  He went to an EFY a few years ago with our son, Marcus.  When Marcus found out that your son was in a Buenos Aires mission he asked if we could go visit him on an off weekend.  Since we did not have an assignment this weekend it worked out perfectly!  Marcus is finishing up his senior year in high school here in BA and wants to go back for splits sometime soon.

Thank you for preparing such a fine young man who is so ready and willing to bless the lives of others in this very special part of the Lord's vineyard!  He is a fantastic example and a natural leader.

Un abrazo.
Elder Mark A. Bragg
Presidencia de Área
Área Sudámerica Sur

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