Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Best Weather

Hi! I'm really tired today but that's not any different from other days! The good news is that it is bright and sunny here, the best weather

This week we had divisions with the other elders. I went to a part of the city called Ramos Mej├Ča with Elder Canales, he's from El Salvador. It was a great day with him! He is one of the elders in the offices, so to go from our area to theirs, they picked us up in their car! I know that sounds super normal but this isn't the Mesa AZ mission where every companionship gets a car. Our mission has 3 cars, and one of those is President's! So it isn't very often that we get to ride in it. I was very excited. 

We played soccer the other morning and I rolled my ankle pretty bad. After ice, elevation, and some prayer I was ready to go and now I'm walking fine with a brace.

Our investigator, E, has come to church 3 weeks in a row now! He just is waiting to finish college which ends this next week and then he said he can spend time reading the Book of Mormon and will be baptized. He is a great kid!

The church is starting a new Christmas program that is going to be coming out this week so make sure you are all looking out for it!

Also Elder Dominguez (my son!) just got put into the mission offices! 

D&C 50:24

Elder Gygi

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