Sunday, November 6, 2016

Guess The Fruit

Definitely not mission approved transportation
This was a great week and it is now warm and humid, just how South America should be! All the plants are blooming. I discovered a new fruit that is really good. I have no idea what is called but it is like an apricot/lemon/grape thing. It is orange and about the size of a golf ball and has the feeling of a grape. They`re kind of sweet and sour. They grow all over. So we can just pick them off the trees and eat as we are walking! (Help me out friends of Jared, any guesses?)

We went to Walmart last week for the first time in my mission. It was incredible. I bought actual donuts

In our area is the National University of Argentina. We heard that the University director is a member of the church, so we went in to see if we could have a meeting with him. We have an idea to try and get an event or a speech scheduled where we could talk about religion. So we went in but we couldn't talk to the director. But we talked to his secretary. And she is really interested in the church! Her name is G. and she asked us to meet her in the university library another time. We went back and taught her the first lesson in the library! It was a neat experience!

Also it was elder Ehlert's birthday last week. We are both 20 now! We had a fun little party with a cake he bought, in Walmart of course.

I hope all is well back home!

Elder Gygì

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