Saturday, November 12, 2016

Formerly Picky-Eater Jared Becomes a Foodie

Our area San Justo is doing well. As for our investigator G, she actually lives a few blocks outside of our limits so we gave the referral to the other missionaries, I haven't heard anything new of her. About meeting with the University Director, we haven't been back yet. We have to write a letter to the him to ask to meet him. I am using the skills I learned in senior English class of "how to write a business letter" but now in Spanish! We'll see how that goes. 

(I asked Jared if it was hard for the locals to tell Jared and his companion apart...) Yes it is hard for people to tell us apart. They call us Elder Uno and Elder Dos. 
Nispero fruit

Can you see Jared's hand under this burger?
I found out the name of the fruit! It is called Nispero in Spanish. It is very tasty. I am a fan of the street vendor food here. It is mostly good. I have bought hamburgers, hot dogs, chorripan (an Argentine classic, kind of like a spicy bratwurst), and also sweet roasted peanuts. 

(Mark attended church in Berkeley last week and sent a few photos of the church to Jared. Jared's comments...) That’s an interesting chapel. I have seen a few different traditions. In the ward in Loma Grande and after the sacrament meeting was over, the congregation would stay seated while the pianist played a soft hymn and the deacons retired the sacrament, folded up the cloth and took it to another room, and then the bishop would dismiss everyone. I liked that a lot. (Any of you have any different traditions from areas you lived?)

Berkeley Chapel

Mode of Berkeley transportation

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