Monday, June 13, 2016

Definitely a Week of Miracles!

This week was great! Definitely a week of miracles! 

On Sunday were had plans to walk with an investigator to church but she cancelled that morning. So we were a little sad because of that. But then as we were sitting in church, the relief society president came up to us said "Elders there is an investigator in the classroom waiting for class to start!" So Elder Dominguez and I walk in and find this girl sitting patiently with her book of Mormon open and smiling at us. We introduced ourselves. Her name is I. and she’s 19. She works in Moreno where her friend gave her a Book of Mormon and brought her to church, and then invited her to attend in her own ward. She loved church! After the meeting we asked if we could come by her house to teach her more and she gladly gave us her address and phone number. I learned through this experience what Nephi meant as he spoke of "the tender mercies of the Lord." This was a blessing that Elder Dominguez and I did absolutely nothing to earn. The Lord, out of His mercy, handed us a perfect investigator. We just need to accept it and take advantage of these blessings!

There have been some rule changes in the missionary dress code! Elders can now use sunglasses and sun hats due to exposure and dehydration. Sisters can now wear pants instead of dresses. President Robertson, laughing, said he was very glad for these changes because sometimes we look too much like Jehovah’s Witness missionaries! 

One last funny little story. I was talking with a member and I asked how he joined the church. He told me that the missionaries knocked and their door and invited them to church. He was religious so he accepted. This particular Sunday happened to be fast and testimony meeting. The first person to get up was a little kid from the primary. He said, "I know this church is true" and ran back down. Then another little kid up and said, "I know this church is true," and ran back down. Then a third kid! "I know this church is true." The guy was thinking the whole time, "these poor kids, they’re all brainwashed!" He later felt the spirit during the rest of the meeting telling him this church really was true. I was laughing so much and he told me this!

Hope all is well back home and in other parts of the world where all my friends are!

Elder Gygi

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