Monday, February 15, 2016

Area Division and a New Comp

Friends and family,

This past week I received a new companion! His name is Elder Estrada, he is from Guatemala City, and he does not speak English! He is a great missionary and is very funny. I am very very excited to be with him. Our area also has two new elders here: Elder Rawlins (from Richmond Utah, has 18 months in the mission) and Elder Jacobson (from Mesa AZ!! He has 6 days in the mission!). They live in apartment right next to us so it’s really fun! Elder Estrada is teaching me all the stuff about his country and the cool Spanish slang words hahah and I am teaching him English. He was stunned to learn about the all the food that we don’t have in the United States! We were eating flan (a desert kind of like caramel flavored Jell-O) and I told him that we didn’t have it in the states. (Jared doesn't remember going to Costa Vida and having delicious flan!) He goes "What?! What are people in America even doing?!" This will be fun to be with him!

We found a boy this week named D, who is 20. He found us on the street and asked to talk for a minute. I thought he was going to try and rob us. But he asked us to come over and teach his family. We shared with them the message of the Gospel and he and his mother want to be baptized. Hopefully his 7 other brothers and sisters will follow! We met with them again and he proudly showed us all that he had read in the Libro de Mormón! We are excited for them!

Nos vemos until next week!

Elder Gygi

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