Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jared's Famous!

​Hey family! 
Elder McDonald, Bro. Estche, Elder Gygi
We had a ton of surprises this week! ​On Monday night last week, we got a call from President Robertson informing us that we were going to receive a mini missionary. (That is when a young man is preparing to go on a mission so he comes with us for some time to learn about the mission, but he doesn't have a missionary badge or anything.) We were very excited because there hasn't been a mini missionary in the mission for a few years! We picked him up on Wednesday and he will be living with us for two weeks. His names is Bro. Esteche, he's an Argentine/Italian. He is from a ward like 20 minutes away from our area. It's so fun to have him, it's like training a new missionary. He is very prepared to go on the mission. He works in the temple at BA and loves to talk to everyone about the gospel. I have learned a lot from being with him. 
Something very sad happened this past week. Bishop Cabral, the bishop of the Trujui Ward (another ward in the stake of Moreno where I am serving) was shot and killed. Some men assaulted and shot him and his nephew and robbed their car. The nephew is alive and in the hospital but the bishop passed away. He was called to serve as bishop just three weeks ago. Keep his family in your prayers.
Also attached is a picture of me in the news of the Church! Apparently the picture of our baptism of V. and F. in San Justo got sent to one of the church news writers who put it up on the South America LDS page. All of the members are telling me that I'm famous hahaha.
There is also a picture of me and S. eating pancakes with maple syrup (thanks mom for the maple extract). He had never eaten pancakes before. He liked them, obviously! 
Hope all is well back home! The work keeps going strong down here, there is a lot of work still left to do. I know that many blessing are waiting for all of us.

Elder Gygi

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