Monday, January 16, 2017

Transfered... Again

Argentina Nacional Selección
My time in San Justo has come to an end. Transfers are tomorrow and I have been told I am going to a new zone called Moreno and my area is Paso Del Rey. And I am going to be in a trio! Not sure how I feel about that, but I already know both of my comps. Elder McDonald from Oceanside, California and Elder Barrowes from Ogden, Utah. Three Yankees (that's a derogatory name for Americans here) in the streets of Moreno (known as the most dangerous zone in the mission...). (Wait a minute, Jared told us when we Skyped that President said he wouldn't send Jared to a dangerous area :/, the Lord has other plans) I am very excited to be working with both of them! This is going to be an exciting transfer.

V and F were confirmed this past Sunday and it was great. They are working on their family history to go to the temple and be baptized for them, too.

I don't have much time because I will have to pack! Hope all is well back home.

Elder Gygi

Elder Wilcox was Jared's previous Zone Leader and he wrote the following to his parents after doing an exchange with Jared:
"This week we finished our divisions, finally! We have been doing two or more divisions for pretty much the past 5 weeks.  I worked with Elder Udall and Elder Gygi, both from Arizona, this week. They are great Elders. One thing that Elder Gygi helped me realize is to be always looking toward the future, at a bigger perspective. I had some decent plans down for the day. We walked and walked. Talked and talked. With other people, that is. But all of the appointments I had made that day pretty much went through. I guess I might have been showing it too much that I was somewhat stressed. Near the end of the day, Elder Gygi reminded me we had given away like 5 books of Mormon and done much good. We had found other people for other areas, and passed along the references. His good sense put me at ease, thanks Elder Gygi!"

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