Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Sun's Out!

The sun is finally out! It's still 30° but at least the sun's out!

This week we did a lot of traveling. We had to go to Ramos Mejía, downtown Buenos Aires, to the mission offices because Elder Hammond had an interview with President Robertson. It's about an hour and a half by bus and train. When we got there, Elder Hammond went in for his interview and I waited in another room. Then Sister Robertson comes in and says she has a surprise for me. She takes me into her office and shows me her freshly baked batch of chocolate Texas Sheet Cake. She handed me a knife and said, "Elder Gygi, you can cut as big of a piece as you want and I'm not going to watch!" So I cut a big square and ate the whole thing in like 2 bites. It was the best thing I have had in 11 months.

Oh we started teaching English to try and find new people to teach the gospel! It is very fun. We started mostly with "Hello my name is..." "I am pleased to meet you" and stuff like that. Hopefully we can find some new people!

I learned this week that Peruvian food is delicious. It is the Chinese food of South America. Basically fried rice type stuff.

Nothing else I can think of, have a great week everyone!

Elder Gygí

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