Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Flatmates

Another good week! We have some fun news! 2 elders from the city next to us have moved in to our apartment and are living with us now! The reason is not so good. Their apartment got broken into and a lot of things were robbed including their keys. So they got all their stuff and moved in with us. Elder Frei (from St, George, Utah) and Elder Benitez (Paraguay) are really fun! It’s more exciting to be living with more missionaries. 

We had a cool miracle on Sunday. Once again our investigators did not come to church. We did everything we could to help but everyone has the ability to choose. And then a lady named M. walked into church and told us that she is not a member but wants to learn about our religion. We taught a great lesson and she invited us to her home this next week to teach her, her husband, and three kids! It’s always amazing how when we do our best, God sends us blessings. 

This is Taylor in Dubai: "Celestial water is sold everywhere"
I had an interview with President Robertson this past week and he told me that no good act will ever go unnoticed by our Heavenly Father. Someone will always be blessed for your work, whether it is you right now or your kids in fifty years, there will always be a blessing for your obedience.

Hope all is well back home! 

Elder Gygi

PS to Taylor: What country are you even in right now?? From mom and dad I have heard England, Czech, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, So. Africa and now India?! 

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