Saturday, May 13, 2017

Missionary Work

Hey Family! 
We are doing good out here in Las Heras! It is starting to cool down which is nice. Yesterday Elder Fregenal and I were in a lesson with an older man that we found out knocking doors. He let us in and we were getting know him. He asked if I was born in the church (that is to say are my parents members too). I said, "Yes." He then asked Elder Fregenal if he was born in the church. He said, "No I was born in a hospital!" We all laughed so much when he said that! Great times hahaha.
The church out in Las Heras is growing a lot. It is great to be able to witness firsthand in real time the growth of Zion in a place where the church is still young. I love to see the faith of the saints, how they pray that one day we can have a chapel here. I know that one day it will come. 
One of the older members of the church gave me a pamphlet entitled "Missionary Work" (in Spanish) written by President Kimball in the 70's. It is a very worn and old pamphlet, one of the first for the Spanish members of the church. I read it and it is fantastic. He talks about how we as members need to greater faith that we can find and baptize more people. Not for any statistic but to bring more souls to salvation. I know that our faith can change the heart of people we meet.

Elder Gygi

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